Thursday, December 6, 2012

Inside The Moments: Episode 10 - Blogging Headquarters

Over the last 9 weeks or so, I've shared with you some of the best moments from my adventures to date, and wrote about something other than a trip report. Also in the mix, was a random bald eagle sighting and a post of my favorite peaks. I hope you enjoyed the miscellaneous ramblings, and perhaps I'll do something similar again in the future.

For the last episode, I am going to share with you my blogging "headquarters". Well, all of these trip reports, posts, photos, videos, and everything in between come from somewhere at some point. I'm connected on the go with my smartphone, but for the most part, everything's done from my computer room at home, which I have decorated with photos and items related to my adventures and enjoyment of the great outdoors.

With an empty scrapbook, I created a map and information book, which mostly includes maps and pamphlets of local hikes, as well as some printed information I've collected from adventures or at local kiosks. I don't have to worry about these becoming damaged and torn. If I need a Harold Parker or Lynn Woods mountain biking map, I just pull the map out and throw it in my pack. In fact, I even have those particular maps already in sheet protectors so there's no wasting time should it be a summer after-work ride. Another cool item in here is a Mt. Washington Auto Road CD from many years ago. We even have the Twin Mountain Restaurant Guide in here. I already need a bigger scrapbook.
My miscellaneous map and information book
Hike planning is a lot of fun. Since I have all of my maps in a single location, and all I have to do is spread one out on the coffee table and plan away.

A nice bookshelf holds all of my hiking guides and books. In addition to hiking books, I have health books, old college text books, and much more to reference to when needed. There's bird and animal identification books as well as survival, navigation, and fitness books.

A nice cabinet display of some of our accomplishments really makes this room feel like an outdoor blogger's headquarters. Pictured below, we have my 2011 Quest for 48 final stat sheet (which my colleagues at work made for me), my White Mountain 4000 footer certificate and patches, a Bondcliff photo, and the Vermont beer I had to celebrate our Vermont finish in a weekend. On the lower shelf is my Mt. Whitney memorabilia, which includes a frame and replica summit marker, my official Mt. Whitney application, and the map we used. Below are other maps, such as MA AT maps, and a Long Trail Map.

In the right display case, I have my schooling diplomas and a caricature which singly highlights many of my playing achievements from my high school varsity hockey days. My brother Bill has his Mt. Whitney items, his White Mountain 4000 footer certificate and patch, and other memorable items in here too (because we're housemates).

The most amazing and precious part of this outdoor arsenal of memories is the photos and movies I've captured. I've backed all of my photos and videos up to two hard drives and also onto hard discs so that I can be sure I'll always have them. In a nutshell, I enjoy keeping this journal of adventure, and I know that it will still make me speechless when I'm older to look back on some of the crazy adventures I've done.

Recently, after getting annoyed with uploading videos with glitches here and there with lacking software, I purchased Adobe Premier Elements 11, one of the better video editing softwares out there right now. Therefore soon, you can expect to see some new and higher quality videos at DMOutdoors. On top of that, you may notice the crispness of a couple of the photos in this post. That is because they are from a Canon EOS Rebel T4i. Although its my brother's, its going to be AWESOME when we put it to use in the mountains, so stay tuned, because its about to get exciting!!!

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