Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 AMC Four Thousand Footer Club Awards

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) held its annual awards dinner to honor those who joined the four thousand footer club. Official AMC certificates were issued to those completing the White Mountain 4000 footers, New England 4000 footers (aka New England 67), New England Hundred Highest, and winter certificates for each of these lists.

According to the AMC committee, it was the biggest turn out that have ever seen for the annual awards. The presentation started with an incredible montage created by Nancy Sporborg and Pat Piper, who write the blog and book It's Not About the Hike. It was created from the hundreds of submissions of photos from those completing an AMC peak list. This video really captured so well the special, happy, and proud moments of many of the finishers.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to send in my photos, even though I finished back in August. After watching the video at the presentation, and seeing how awesome it was, I was pretty bummed to not have a picture included up there, and wish I had known ahead that it would be so good. Watching that montage brought back so many memories, and even though my first round was over in such a blur for me, it really made me think back on how difficult completing the 48 is to begin with. So for those going next year, get those photos in right away. Therefore, I just had to create my own video of my first time completing New Hampshire's White Mountain Four Thousand Footers.

(I recommend viewing in full-screen to see the text)

If you would like to re-cap by reading some of the specific highlights of my first time around the 48, click hereClick here to read about my Moonlight Presidential Traverse to finish.

I was pretty blown away as Eric Savage, Chair of the AMC Committee read many of the amazing accomplishments from the year, including that the club reached 10,000 members this October. Sitting in that auditorium as the awards are announced, it was an astonishing realization as to how many amazing, incredible, dedicated, accomplished, and genuinely nice individuals there were in that auditorium, without even knowing any of them. There were youngest and oldest finishers; there were couples; and there were entire families who completed lists. Some hikers got certificates for multiple lists. You cannot help but be inspired by everyone there. It was such a well done presentation. Once again, congratulations to everyone who received an award, and I hope to be in attendance next year, we'll see.
Me and my brother both receiving our scrolls
My scroll, patches, and stats in my case at home


  1. Gave me goose bumps. I am so looking forward to the dinner in April when I get my scroll...

    1. Hi Diane, congrats on finishing the list. It's possible I'll be headed back this April for another list...or two, but I've still got some peaks to climb. Being there makes you want to do it all over again.