Monday, January 2, 2012

DMOutdoors YouTube Channel

At the end of September, I wrote a post about my outdoor videos, in which included an explanation of the circumstances with my previous channel and what I was planning to do to make it all flow together with my blog. If you didn't check out that post, it might be helpful to read it before continuing. CLICK HERE.

Without further due, I am introducing the DMOutdoors YouTube channel, which contains all of the same videos that were uploaded to my other account, plus new ones, which have been uploaded correctly, in high definition. Although its still not perfectly set up how to how I would like it, this will allow me to more easily respond to posts or comments on my videos or my channel by using my e-mail address associated with my blog. You will also find a new tab for my YouTube channel at the top of my page.

I have added several new videos from recent trips, including footage of reaching the summit of Mt. Washington on New Year's Eve, Mt. Washington in October and November, and hiking with my brother and niece.

I hope you enjoy my videos, and be on the look out for more in 2012!

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