Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Outdoor Videos

Using my monopod on Mt. Isolation
In the beginning of all of this hiking craziness, I created an e-mail (not dmoutdoors1) to use for me and brother's outdoor stuff. That ended up being used for my current YouTube account, which has all of my current videos.  One of the fiascos I'm dealing with is getting everything to work together how I want it for my blog. Unfortunately, when I started this blog it was done under my personal e-mail address, which is not changeable according to Google. Don't get me started on the AdSense, because unfortunately, before I even started the blog, I had AdSense under even a different e-mail, so right now, I have to sign in and out and copy and paste embed codes and ad-links from my in-boxes of 3 different e-mail addresses, which is a hassle.

Shooting trail video w/ monopod
on Mt. Isolation
Throughout this busy year of hiking, and before that, I've taken so many photos and videos that I recently had to buy an external hard drive to store them all (my computer nearly crashed). With the lack of time I really have to spend on updating my content, I have tons of video that I would like to post eventually. I have videos from just about every trip I've done, not to mention many certain individual moments. The truth is I just don't have the time to go through them all, so I often forget about them. I have so many pictures too, when I look through them looking for certain ones, I often notice the ones I didn't notice before. I have some really great and unique pictures.

I will be creating a new YouTube account for DMOutdoors, under dmoutdoors1. This will help those who like my videos to more easily connect and associate my videos with my blog, and also for those who like my posts to more easily link to my videos. Since most of my videos have a low amount of views, and because I want to add dozens more, I want to do this sooner rather than later to make everything fresh.

JOBY Gorillapod wrapped on a limb
Long Mt., Grafton Loop Trail
I want to edit all of my current videos, titles, descriptions, and once all of them are updated, and new ones added, I'd like my YouTube Channel to have a fresh and complete appearance and is more connected to my blog. Who knows when I'll get all this time to go through this all, so maybe after the new year I'll have some good videos chosen and have it how I want it. You can currently find most of my videos by searching "DMOutdoors" on YouTube, since I changed the channel name and some of my titles for now.

I don't see many peak-baggers or other hiking bloggers doing a whole lot of videos, especially in the white mountains. For sure, I understand some might think why video because they want to enjoy the hike or just enjoy nature without electronics, but sometimes shooting video is fun because it can take me back to certain special moments or share with others the experience of the moment I step out onto a dramatic ledge or for example crossing the Franconia Ridge in the heart of winter with strong, gusty winds.


  1. For all my video editing i use protools and soon to be premier

  2. Hmm, Adobe Premiere is a good choice, since it has a user-friendly configuration. Well, it's not easy to shoot a video while hiking outdoors. It disregards the rule of having a "free hand" - that is, nothing should be on your hand as you hike. Good for you to do it the safe way. :)

  3. Thank you Rose for the suggestion. For now, I am using VideoPad Video Editor Professional, which seems to be pretty easy for me and can output in 1080p. Since I just bought a GoPro video camera, I shouldn't have to worry about holding a camera anymore except for point-and-shoot photos.