Monday, August 29, 2011

Site Updates & 5000th Page View

I am sure that you have a noticed I've gone with a couple of different templates for my page recently. I am still trying to get the feel of things, so pardon my appearance if something looks out of place or a link is not fresh while I try to bring you more content.

5000 Page Views
The month of August 2011 has been a great month for my page, for the first time, I have 1000 page views in a 30 day period, and I have just reached 5000 page views. It makes me feel good to see these stats, particularly after I've posted some of my popular posts. This is thanks to family and those of you I have engaged with online in the hiking community. Having this site is great because I am able to share my adventures and I have something to be able to always look back at them. 

Updated Navigation Tab
Since I have completed the White Mountain 4000 footers, I have made a change to the navigation on my site. My focus has shifted from my 2011 Quest to some of the other peak lists, which I hope to work on over time; no more time goals for now. I have replaced my 2011 Quest tab with a new tab, Peak Lists. This is a dedicated page where you can find a link to my AMC White Mountain 4000 footer's list, as well as the other popular peak lists. Each peak list with a link shown on the page currently has its own page with an embedded Google spreadsheet, which is updated automatically when changes are inserted using my Google Documents. Creating tables in blogger is a hassle, and this is the easiest thing I've found so far.

Updated Posts
I realized that my posts throughout the year were missing some important information, particularly information used to plan hikes. I have edited all of my prior posts with hike stats, which include the trails used, mileage, and elevation gain. When I get around to it, I will post my book times. I have kept all of these stats for my hikes, but I've done so much recently, the information is spread among Google docs, Microsoft excel, word lists, you name it. I'm trying to figure it all out and find the best way to keep track of it all.

Since I continue to slowly learn more about blogging, I have finally updated my favicon. The favicon is the icon that you see at the top of the page, next to the web address, or on the title bar. You might also see my favicon on other websites that have a link to my page. This replaces the plain old blogger symbol.

If you are not seeing any of these changes, clear your cache. If anyone has any suggestions for or questions about my website please click here and contact me via e-mail. Thank you to all those who have already joined me here or on Facebook and Twitter.

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