Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mt. Tecumseh - 8/3/13

WOW! I can't believe how much of a surprise it was to have such a nice day while hiking Mt. Tecumseh - a day with views! I'll admit, this changed my mind a little on Tecumseh. On August 3rd, a little change in some plans opened up the chance for me and my brother to take our long-time friend Jack on his first ever 4000-footer. Coming along for the adventure too was my niece, who was seeking her 6th 4000 footer! This was my 5th time heading up the mighty Tecumseh and the first ever time without snow on the ground, so I was ready to go.
Already a great view, and we're not even started
Everyone ready with a little hop in the step!
Mt. Tecumseh Trail 
A mile in, we crossed the Tecumseh Brook again, which was a beautiful little crossing. From there, the trail ascends gradually all of the way to the summit. We made it to the viewpoint at the ski trail, and took a nice break to enjoy it. It was the best view I had ever seen from there. 
Crossing Tecumseh Brook 
Mt. Tecumseh Trail nearing view point 
The viewpoint
Jack, let us know when you're ready to hit some more peaks. 
Enjoying the view!
After our break, we pushed onward and upward. Everyone did great, and we enjoyed every minute of the hike up. What intrigued me was some of the really nice trail work and the rocks that are under that snow in the winter! I can't believe I fly down this on my sled!
Steps on Mt. Tecumseh Trail 
We arrived at the summit to an overcast sky but still a really great view. Jack's 1st 4000-footer, Kiara's 6th, and still plenty meaningful to Bill and I, it was a great day to be in the mountains, and a fun day too!
Mt. Tecumseh summit view 
Summit picture!
Hike Stats
Trails: Mt. Tecumseh Trail
Distance: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,200 ft.
Actual Book Time: 4:40


  1. What a fantastic day all around! Congrats to all! Nice that you all got views from Tecumseh, it took me 6 tries before I saw much of anything.

    1. Yes it was, I thought I'd let the pictures do the speaking on this one. Hope you're enjoying your summer, Summerset. :)