Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jennings Peak & Sandwich Dome - 3/30/2013

After a nice warm-up on the Welch-Dickey Loop on March 30th, we headed further up the road to the Sandwich Mountain trail head. I had been wanting to get Sandwich Dome done for a while now, and it was a beautiful morning to continue this peak-bagging mission of getting some new peaks for the first time in a long time.
Sandwich Range Wilderness...always nice 
Sandwich Mountain Trail 
Incredible from near Noon Peak
The trail was well broken out and throughout the entire ascent was well packed (not mushy yet, but it was progressively mushy on our way down). We passed over Noon Peak taking in great views, and we could see Jennings Peak ahead and Sandwich up to our left.
Jennings Peak ahead
The Jennings Peak Spur skirts the side of the mountain before going up, but its steep final approach was cool, and it opened up to a south-facing ledge, which seemed to offer a tranquil and exclusive view, which we took full advantage of for a nice break.
Jennings Peak Spur
Bill hikes the Jennings Peak spur 
View from Jennings Peak 
Jennings Peak summit
After Jennings, there is still quite a bit of a climb left up to Sandwich. Hey, especially after doing Welch-Dickey in the morning, and Bill not being on a summit since January!! We were doing great though, and it wasn't before long I was starting to see glimpses of Lake Squam and Winnipesaukee through the trees, and we were just about to summit. When we arrived, right in front of us was the best view in the White Mountains. I could see the 4000-footers in Vermont, and all of the ranges between Moosilauke, Washington, and even over to the Carters! If Sandwich was higher, I bet we could have seen the ocean, it was so unbelievable. I was simply blown away by being able to see all of these ranges from one spot.

Drakes Brook Trail
This day was awesome because every summit was new, and every trail was new. It was a peak-bagging, red-lining type of day. After this hike, I know I'm going to enjoy exploring some of the other smaller peaks in NH. Sandwich Dome is definitely my favorite non-4000 footer!

Hike Stats
Trails: Sandwich Mountain Trail, Jennings Peak Spur, Drakes Brook Trail
Distance: 8.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,800 ft.
Actual Book Time: 4:15


  1. Replies
    1. Scott - Thanks for reading my report. I just linked over and saw you hiked Jerimoth Hill recently. I am planning to knock off that highpoint soon. Your report was exactly what I was looking for!

  2. Very cool - I haven't been to these peaks. My husband has, and enjoyed the views much like you did. I suppose I'll go eventually, as I have a younger peakbagger to satisfy and 52WAV is probably the next list.

    1. Hi Summerset - Saw Cam get his award for the 48 4000 footers! Congrats and keep up the summits - all of you! After exploring Welch-Dickey and Sandwich Jennings, the peaks on the 52WAV surely will keep your youngest entertained with views, and the experience to bag all 48 in the coming years. Thanks for sharing your comment!

  3. At least you got a view - I was there on 04/13 with no views. Question for you - do you use a GPS on any of your hikes and if so - what type?

    1. Mark - I'm sure without a view these peaks could be as boring as Galehead summit, so I guess it looks like you'll just need to head back there again at some point!

      On longer hikes mostly, and especially in winter, I carry the Spot II Messenger to utilize the messaging and tracking., but I don't own a GPS receiver with a screen. Seldomly, I'll track a hike using an Iphone app or refer to Iphone GPS, but for the most part have never used GPS as an aide. I'm expecting a handheld GPS to be one of my next major purchases.