Friday, August 24, 2012

Inside The Moments: A New Series of Posts - Coming Soon!

Hi everyone! Fall's a-coming, which means new TV shows, but better yet, new stuff for the blog. Since late 2009, when I started to really get into fishing, hiking, and paddling, I've completed some great adventures - some easy, tough, difficult, and some insane. Many of them have, in one way or other, led to goals accomplished or lessons learned. All of them are memorable in some way, and inside of every adventure was either another small adventure in itself or a moment that captivated me or was just simply hilarious and unforgettable. When you hike as much as I do, it is easy to look back at the photos and remember who was with you, or something memorable that happened that day as if it just happened yesterday. The memory comes back as if it human nature for it to happen, but really its nature itself and the views one sees from the trail, in the woods, and from mountaintops that instill this trait in outdoor enthusiasts. (Picture Above: On the Ipswich River October of 2008. I call this photo fall reflections, one of only a few favorite paddling photos (photo by my brother Bill)

Coming this fall, I will write a new series on DMOutdoors called Inside The Moments, where I will go back to the start and reflect on particular moments from my adventures. If you've read many of my trip reports, you'll see a whole new perspective on the meaning of some of my previous adventures and will hopefully be able to see, on a more personal level, the enjoyment and happiness that has come to me from my adventures and these certain moments.
On the way to Owl's Head in early Fall of 2011
I intend for most of these posts to be relatively short, describing a specific moment, but for certain topics, you will see some facts and supporting information, and I don't doubt that I will get carried away on some moments.

If you have read any of my hikes and adventures and there was a certain moment or part of it that you would like to know more about, or you wondered what the hell I was thinking, let me know here and leave a comment! Maybe it will create a great topic for this series! Maybe I already have that moment chosen!

Posts will be done weekly on Friday and will all be listed on a separate page in the navigation bar on the top of my page. I expect to publish my first "episode" in a few weeks or around the first day of Fall. This is going to give everyone something a little bit different than the weekly trip report that goes inside the adventures. Until then, plenty of more New England hiking to do before winter! Hopefully you too have some exciting stuff planned for the outdoors this fall.

For a quick glance of what you can expect to see in my first few episodes, check out the Inside The Moments page now for the first few titles!

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