Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mt. Tecumseh - January 21, 2011

Sean, Bill, and Me on summit of Mt. Tecumseh
After hiking the Osceola’s a couple of weeks ago on a snowy and cold day, I really knew that I could come to enjoy hiking in every season. The MSR Lightning Ascent snowshoes are awesome, and left me needing to get right back on the trail. Mt. Tecumseh, my 3rd NH 4000 footer of 2011 certainly provided what I was looking for in a winter hike.

Me, my brother Bill, and our friend Sean set out before sunrise on the ride up 93 from our place in Belmont, NH. It was snowing pretty heavily when we left, but got slightly lighter as we pulled into the Waterville Valley Ski parking lot. Still snowing, and the light increasing in the sky, we started up the Tecumseh Trail. Mt. Tecumseh is the shortest of the NH 4000 footers at 4,003ft, and offers nothing more than a steady snowshoe climb through beautiful snow covered trees.

We were first on the trail this morning, and had to pack out the trail. What was left had to be from the previous day, but there was a good few inches over everything. The trail winds along a valley and ascends some distance away from one of the far ski trails. About half way up the mountain, there is a side path that leads to that ski trail. We checked it out, and then proceeded to ascend. After this point, it seemed that whoever came yesterday didn’t go past this walkout, because the trail became tougher to pack. It was that or the top of the mountain got most of the snow.

Knowing there are no views at the summit, we could not help but take in the beauty of the enclosed trail with the snow heavily hanging on the trees. As we ascended, the snow became lighter, and when we reached the summit cairn, it was beautiful. There is a small area to look out over, but not much to see with the heavy overcast; you know you’re up there though, as you look out and just see the nearby mountains below you through the blowing snow.

The snowshoe down the mountain was quick, and when we stopped again at the side path about halfway, Bill managed to catch a snowboarder falling his way down the ski trail, which provided us a good laugh. I’ve snowboarded a few times, and definitely enjoy it, but today, I was taking my snowshoes over a board. We continued and got down pretty fast. All three of us pushed it pretty good, so when we got back to the car, and got back to camp, we passed out for a few hours. After a much needed nap, we went out to UNO for some food. Later, we didn't much, and we just hit the sack because there was more to be done the next day. Three mountains done, forty-five to go. Check out my progress on my Quest for NH's 48 Page.

Hike Stats
Trails: Mt. Tecumseh Trail
Miles: 5
Elevation Gain: 2200ft

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  1. Ahhh...Tecumseh...

    I have a love/hate relationship with this mountain! I got rained out the first time we went up. We had to break out the emergency I don't leave home without checking Accuweather :)

    Great pics and video. I'm loving the winter pics I've seen this year on Tecumseh. I think I hiked it in the wrong season for sure. Great post!