Saturday, November 20, 2010

Royalston Falls - Tully Trail - Tully Mountain

About two hours from Boston, is an awesome place to hike. The 22-mile Tully Trail, which I have yet to do completely, throws a challenging mix of terrain in the sections I've hiked, yet rewards with multiple waterfalls and incredible rock formations. I have summited Tully Mountain twice, camped overnight at the Royalston Falls Shelter, and hiked the area a few other times.

A half mile into the woods from the trail head on Rte 32 is Royalston Falls Shelter. A late fall overnight with my brother Bill where temperatures were easily in the 20s overnight and the next morning, was my experience. As you see, we looked pretty chilled in the photo, and it was about to rain. Although there are not many reports, it is possible to come across one, so be sure to hang your food properly.Going south from the shelter along the river and gorge will take you to the beatiful Royalston Falls, which I have see flowing nicely, as pictured, but also dry this summer. The hike continues up and down some challenging terrain, crosses the brook over a wooden bridge, then turns into a flat enchanted like type forest, which is the farthest I have gone in the south direction of the Tully Trail.
Mt. Monadnock from Tully Mountain
Tully Mountain (1,163ft) is on the southern part of the Tully Trail system. Although a smaller mountain, it is not a walk in the park by any means. It is pretty challenging from both directions. It offers great fews to the east, and to the north where you can see Mt. Monadnock in southern New Hampshire.

For more information about the Tully Trail and even more things to do, visit the Trustees of Reservations.

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