Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Filming In The Outdoors

Like many of the new shows we see on TV, there seems to be a growing trend to capture video in the outdoors. I have also increasingly enjoyed doing this as I partake in outdoor activities. So far, I have captured some video from most of the activities I have done, which include hiking, kayaking, camping, and fishing. The good thing is, not everything gets shown on camera. This would take away from the personal satisfaction that I get from being outside in nature.

The downside to attempting to capture film while hiking, kayaking, or other activity, is the weight and extra effort required. I find myself adding a few extra pounds including an extra container to carry the equipment and batteries. However, it is fun to be able to show others what I've done and what is out there to be explored.

For a while, I was using a cheap battery powered camera that Staples used to give away with a large purchase. It takes an SD card and triple A batteries, and was awesome, until it went under water! Now I use my Olympus Stylus Tough 8000, which is an incredible camera, that shoots 12MP, and great quality video. A gorillapod tripod does the trick whether it be strapped to my kayak or I'm holding it out in front of me. When the time comes, I will be upgrading to an HD camcorder, and maybe even a better camera.

So far, my favorite video is of me catching the arctic charr in Northern Maine. I had my camera on the tripod, which was on a flat rock that was a few feet into the water from the shore. It provided the best shot, but I never expected to catch the arctic charr. The raw video has many minutes of me and my brother and whole lot of....nothing.

Please check out my YouTube channel by clicking here or by clicking on the clips below. This page has all of my videos that I have filmed.

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