Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Kinsmans & Cannon - 06/09/16

This was a fun Thursday evening hike with Alton & Nate. The weather was looking much better a few days prior, but it takes a little more than what was there for us to alter plans.  It was strange for June with gusty winds and temperatures in the 40s at Lonesome Lake Trail head (Lafayette Place).  We packed for a chilly, potentially wet, but fast hike of Kinsmans and the Cannon. We elected to ascend the Fishin' Jimmy and hit the Kinsmans first. 
The gradual ascent on Lonesome Lake Trail 
Jogging by Lonesome Lake
We did some quick climbing up the wet rocks on the Fishin' Jimmy. We reached the summit to no views.  Moving on quickly towards South Kinsman, we encountered a patch of ice pellets. They almost looked liked broken ice cubes. Cole seemed happy to see them and stick nearby.  We took the opportunity for a quick stop and photo to enjoy the freak ice in June.  It made us talk about how we've been encountering ice for the last 7-8 months in a row now, including a winter with a storied abundance of icy trails. 
Fishin' Jimmy Trail 
No views today from North Kinsman 
Enjoying a nice break with the ice
 As we reached the summit, we saw a potential view starting to clear. As we got our phones out to capture it, it went away. We decided to wait 20 seconds to see if would come before we'd shoot back into the trees. Within time, but for only another few seconds, we had this view below from South Kinsman. On the way back, we had a few more little view opportunities before it was going to get dark. On a hike like this, when the view opens, its kind of cool to take it in if its there. This happened a couple of times, and during those times we'd grab a snack or change a layer.
South Kinsman
View from Kinsman Ridge Trail
Hiking north on Kinsman Ridge Trail
Cannon from the Cannonballs 
This loop is one my favorite late afternoon or night hikes.  I like it as a fast and physical hike...5,000 ft of gain over 11 miles.  We had fun slipping into the puddles on the trail, sliding off bog bridges, and trying to beat daylight to the summit of Cannon. We kept on going, and climbed up the steep backside of Cannon.  It was incredible to see the boulder that recently wiped out many trees next to and across the trail.  It was amazing to see such a tremendous force and reality of nature. We reached the summit of Cannon in 4hrs 25 min, which is fast. It felt like it'd been a while since I did a short fast hike, so this one was fun, and I felt good.
Nearing the Rim Trail on Cannon 
Nate and I braving the wind on the Cannon Summit deck
Kinsmans - 13th Round
Cannon - 14th Round

Trail Conditions:
It was extremely windy at the trail head with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. The trail was wet from start to finish. Slippery bog bridges all along the way, and muddy puddles up on the ridge. Going up Lonesome and Fishin' Jimmy included wet, slippery rocks and flowing water, and Kinsman Ridge Trail had wet, slippery rocks and mud puddles. Only a few spills during this fun and fast hike.

Hike Stats
Trails: Lonesome Lake Trail, Fishin' Jimmy Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail, Hi-Cannon Trail
Distance: 10.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 5,036 ft.
Actual Book Time: 5:18

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