Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mt. Carrigain - 6/26/14

Since I have changed jobs, I have more of an opportunity to try and get some mid-week hikes in after work.  This Thursday night trip to Mt. Carrigain started that trend, which I hope to continue.  This is a good way for me to knock off the smaller hikes needed for the grid, but at the same time, it's affording me opportunities to take in sunsets from above 4,000 feet.
Driving through Franconia Notch
The ride up to Carrigain seemed long, and the clouds were weird, but it was clearing a little.  I wasn't sure how much enjoyment I would get with Carrigain on this night, but that was the selection.  I was the only one in the parking lot as I started my hike.  The sun was coming through the trees, shining through the mist from the river, making for a lovely start to my hike. 
Signal Ridge Trail
Carrigain Brook along the Signal Ridge Trail
Since after the Double Presi, I've picked up some new shorts, which don't have pockets, and for that, I've been taking less pictures, and using my Iphone mostly, so sometimes they come out crappy, and sometimes awesome.  I arrived at the stream crossing, and it was just a tad above being able to rock-hop.  In all my hikes, this was the first time I had to remove my boots.  I decided to go to the spot where the old trail crosses, which is literally to the left about 20 feet from the new spot.  Here, I learned that the bugs were atrocious, eating me as I removed my boots.  It was unbelievable shocking how cold the water was, making my feet completely numb.  When I stepped out of the water on the other side, stepping on the dirt was like instant relief.  The bugs proceeded to eat me alive as I put my boots back on.  After that, I picked up my pace, now in a race for sunset on Signal Ridge.  It was spectacular, and I enjoyed the views all around.  A few short minutes later I was on the summit, bundling up for my approximately 30 min stay on the summit, where it was about 45 degrees.

Amazing view of Carrigain's summit and the White Mountains at sunset 
Mt. Washington capped by a cloud at sunset 
Looking east towards Hancocks from Signal Ridge

Carrigain Summit tower, freshly repaired 
Cool shot of the Carrigain summit marker well after sunset 
Crazy dude in the middle nowhere on a Thursday night :)
This was my 6th time to the summit of Mt. Carrigain, and 6th different month, and one of the best in terms of views from the summit.  I enjoyed a pretty quick hike out, once again removing boots for the crossing.  Didn't see a soul all hike on one the best peaks in the mountains.  I crashed at my place near Laconia, and drove to work the next morning.

Hike Stats
Trails: Signal Ridge Trail
Distance: 10 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,250 ft.
Actual Book Time: Will update later
GPS Track: Will update later

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