Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mt. Whitney 2012 - The Adventure (The Movie)

Hey everyone! The time is finally here, a year later, and after many many hours...The movie from me and my brother's adventure to Mt. Whitney in 2012 is now complete! In June of 2012, we climbed Mt. Whitney in California, the highest peak in the lower United States. This movie is the personal account of our adventure from start to finish. Featuring more than just Mt. Whitney, and including footage I haven't posted before, this movie will take you through our entire experience from Boston to the West coast, a visit to Las Vegas, and through just about every part of our adventure to Mt. Whitney's summit at 14,505' and then down.

I know its really long, at 1 hour and 16 minutes, but hopefully its variety leaves you wondering what's coming up next. It will sure make you laugh in the beginning in Vegas, and at the end as we go for the summit is pretty neat, but you'll be missing out on tons if you skip anything. The soundtrack you hear is pretty much the what we listened to during our adventure. If you followed my planning posts leading up the adventure and read the trip report, you'll be taken right through all of it in this movie!

If you're new to DMOutdoors, read the posts from my trip first, including the story of our adventure!

Thanks And Enjoy! And, If you think its awesome, feel free to share it! 

If at all possible, I highly suggest watching this on your TV in HD. (Parental Advisory: Two songs on the soundtrack contain explicit lyrics, and Bill at one point says "holy shit" - which pretty much sums it up!)

Don't forget to check out more of my videos on my DMOutdoors Youtube Channel.

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