Friday, February 1, 2013

W48-in-1: Moosilauke - 1/27/2013

Sunday, January 27th was a beautiful clear winter day for my last hike this January. After hiking nearly 30 miles the day before, I didn't need to get that super early start with just Moosilauke on my plate for the day, number 27 of this winter. Despite what you might think, I wasn't really tired. For this report, its going to be short and sweet, just like the hike itself. I hiked up to the summit and back in my microspikes, didn't take many breaks along way, and I was back at my car in exactly three and half hours. Of the three and half hours, about 40-50 minutes was above treeline in sub-zero wind chills, BUT with unlimited visibility. It's always nice to get above treeline! (See below for the above tree-line and summit video!)
Pasture next to the Glencliff Trail
Glencliff Trail to Moosilauke
Footbridge on Glencliff Trail
Moosilauke Carriage Road junction
Mt. Moosilauke summit
Summit picture for #27 on the season
Lafayette and Franconia Ridge from Moosilauke

Hike Stats
Trails: Glencliff Trail, Moosilauke Carriage Road
Distance: 7.8 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,300 ft.
Actual Book Time: 3:30

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