Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mt. Whitney 2012: Chapter 5: Final Preparations & Spot Tracking

So that's it everyone, its Mt. Whitney time! Everything is in place, and all we need to do now is execute our plan. We're very excited for this, and it's hard to believe it's finally here after months and months of planning.

Track Us to Mt. Whitney (no longer active)

Click on the above link anytime starting the evening of Sunday, June 17th to see our GPS locations. We will check in from Horseshoe Meadow on Sunday night, and we'll run the tracking from start to finish for our overnight on Whitney, starting Monday morning. Look for another check-in from Trail Camp, and hopefully at the summit.

We have our bags neatly packed and placed into travel duffles locked with TSA approved locks, and we have checked our pack lists twice.

The rental car is all set to go - we've booked an SUV for the entire week. This will pay off big time in the fact that we can go to the grocery store in Vegas, buy food so that we can eat well, and also stop at a local outfiiter, either in Vegas or near Lone Pine at our convenience to ensure we get any last essentials.

So how much is this trip to Mt. Whitney costing?

Lottery Application $ 6
Permits (Qty 3) $ 45
HS Meadow Campsite         $ 6
Air Travel (RT) $ 394
Extra Bag Fee ($40x2) $ 80
Hotel $550
Car Rental (7days) $ 455
Motel $100 (approx.)
Total Approximate Cost $ 1,636

***If you don't stay 4 nights in Vegas, your cost will be much cheaper ;)

I hope you have enjoyed following or reading my planning process, and hopefully in the future, my information will be helpful for future hikers planning to climb Mt. Whitney - if you have found it helpful, please let me know! Thank you everyone, especially family and friends for your support as my brother and I go for this amazing accomplishment. Stay tuned for other updates on my Facebook page. Here we go. It's ON - Mt. Whitney: The Adventure.


  1. Good luck! It sounds like you're as prepared as you can be and that you've thought out all your plans. Can't wait to hear the trip report on this one!

  2. Good luck. Enjoy the trip and be safe.

  3. Sounds like you're so well prepared that wishing you "luck" would be inappropriate...have a great trip!

  4. "If you don't stay 4 nights in Vegas, your cost will be much cheaper"
    All depends how lucky you are! Wishing you a safe and successful trip, I'll be following!

  5. Thanks so much! When you're all on your commute home tomorrow, I'll be on a plane to Vegas ;)

    Summer, Mike and Owen - Thank you!

    Don - You're definitely right! I got a little bit lucky on my first time to Vegas. Hoping for a repeat of that, but I feel lucky already going on this epic adventure.

  6. Dan the best of enjoyment. As has been appropriately stated already you're prepared beyond all need of luck.

    I'm following your progress at this moment and you seem to be in the same place for awhile. I guess you got "lucky" somewhere :)

    Anyway congrats on a great achievement and look forward to hearing all about it.

    You've basically established a how-to guide on this very worthy accomplishment. Thanks as always for so generously sharing the outdoors with us. My best to your brother as well.


    1. Jim - Thank you for the kind words and for following. I left the tracker on the entire time from Portal to Portal, so it was stationary while we camped at Trail Camp. You may have checked it then. I'm happy to provide the information and first hand account of the planning it takes. It was paramount to our success. We may not have been as fortunate had we skipped anything, particularly with preparing for altitude.