Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Skiing - Cannon Mountain - 2/12/12

Wow, what a frigid day for skiing! My brother and I were looking for a little bit more of a challenge compared to Gunstock a couple of weeks ago, so we went straight for the highest vertical drop in NH, Cannon Mountain. It was awesome skiing down from 4000' in blowing snow and frigid wind chills.

If you have not been to Cannon before, the best bet is to go directly to the main resort area first (Exit 34C/Peabody Slopes). I needed to rent skis, so when we went into the Tramway area buildings first, we were told that we had to drive up to the next exit for rentals, and that my brother and I could pay for everything up there. The good thing was that there was hardly anyone there yet. Once we go to the main parking area, we walked up to the ticket booth. Once there, I said I wanted a full price ticket with rental, but I was then directed to not pay there, and to go upstairs to the rental shop, where I could purchase everything together there.

At that point, I thought it was becoming rather difficult, however I continued into the rental shop where they have 4 separate stations for retrieving your rental gear. The staff issuing the equipment cared that my boots, skis, and poles were right, and it didn't take that long to get everything.

The last thing I needed to do was put my boots in a locker or something. I know it was really cold, but there were probably 10 or more Cannon employees visible from the bench I sat (all wearing the same jackets, which is very helpful) , and I happened to ask one of them where I could store my boots or get a locker. I know it was very cold, but while the answer was semi-correct (as I would later find out), it led me to just go put my boots in the car which was about a 4 minute walk away to the parking lot. The directions I got included, "I think, and "check down there, you might find them down there" or something like that. I just wanted to get out there and didn't want to walk around any more speculating where the lockers might be.

Whew, now that we were through that, there were no hassles once we were on the mountain! The snow conditions were great, packed powder and loose granular with detectable ice (gray in color). It was frigid, so the attendance at the resort was minimal providing for sweet runs. Snow was being made on some trails, and it was a blast riding through!

To bring you all better videos from my adventures, I picked up a GoPro Hero2 video camera this weekend and put it to test on some of the runs down Cannon. I picked up the extra Battery BacPac, a chest mount, the tripod adapter, and some of the accessories to get me started. This thing should be fun!

Adult Lift Ticket (All-day):  $68
Ski Package Rental: $47
Chicken Quesadilla, Sweet Potato Fries, and an Angry Orchid Hard Cider at Cannonball Pub: $25 (half of our bill)
Total Cost for 1P: $140


  1. You're pretty harsh on Cannon's setup. If you would have gone straight to the rental area in the first place, you would have found everything you were looking for together (there are signs with arrows everywhere). Why get off at the tram exit when the other exit clearly says "ski area"? I'm willing to bet that the reason the staff doesn't know much about lockers is because hardly anyone uses them. I go to Cannon all the time, and have since I learned how to ski when I was six. I always put my stuff in a backpack and put it up on a shelf, cubby, or under a table in one of the many areas on the main floor of the base lodge where people can get ready or eat. I've also never had anything stolen in those 23 years! The lockers are on the lower level by the restrooms, in case you go again.

    1. I certainly appreciate your comment, as others will know what to expect if they read this. Heading north, the exit we got off said Cannon Mtn Tramway, and the exit we were directed to take after for rentals says Peabody Slopes. Knowing the Cannon Tram is usable as a lift, we thought that might be the place to go. We didn't have a chance to check the site in the car for any reference or see ahead a half mile to next sign. An additional sign might help, that's all.

      The rental shop is definitely well signed and there are enough workers in there to direct you where to go. In terms of a business though, an employee should have confidence in the answer they give to a customer.